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Roofing films

The production of the firm EDAL FOLIA - LENZING, certificated by the sign СЕ by the independent West-European research center, correspond to the requirements of the European commission 2002/91 WE concerning the power characteristics of buildings, to the so-called "power passport". In connection with the instruction of the European Union on the 1st of January, 2009 there was established a law in the light of which "for each building put in operation and also buildings which are subject to sale or tenancy there should be determined its power characteristic defining the size of energy, expressed in kW h/m2/year (article 1 of the law dated from the 19th of September, 2007) in the form of the certificate of its power characteristic.

In practice it means that in the interests of each investor putting a building in operation, there will be the use of the power saving up materials of high quality ensuring minimization of the power inputs and among them such materials as roofing films of the firm EDAL FOLIA - LENZING.

The application of our products is a guarantee of reception of the best price at purchase or hiring of a building and considerable economy in energy payment!

  1. Film with the low vapour permeability:
  2. Film with the high vapour permeability:
  3. Film specially for the covering of roofs by metal plate
  4. Steam insulating film:


All the films with high vapour permeability of the firm "EDAL FOLIA - LENZING" possess the highest resistance on rupture, to mechanical damages or friction of the footwear of roofers during the installation on the roof!!!

Film with the high vapour permeability.

High vapour permeability means that one side of such film passes a considerable quantity of water steams, the other side is waterproof and withstands the influence of water. For this type of film for the better effect of ventilating of the construction of a roof only one ventilating slot is necessary. The second slot isn't necessary because the slot itself possesses high vapour permeability and humidity from the heat insulation can be easily left in the atmosphere.

This type of film can be placed directly on the thermo-insulating layer.

The new law of the European Union concerning power savings.

The general management of energy and transport develops and implements the new policy. In the Green Book under the name "Concerning the European strategy of power safety", published in 2000, the analysis of the structural weak points of Europe was held, besides the attention is paid to the growth of consumption of energy with the simultaneous increase in dependence on the external suppliers of the power raw materials. Simultaneously for fulfillment of the obligations, taken within the limits of the Kiotsky report, the European Union should reduce the emission of harmful gases. The strategy for reduction of consumption of energy in Europe is given in the Green book consisting in raising of the power efficiency and also in the increase of the effectiveness concerning the decrease in expenses at the expense of the renewed energy sources.

The improvement of power characteristics of buildings is the actual element of the strategy or how it is possible to realize it.

It is published in: the European commission, by the general management of energy and transport.

The firm EDAL FOLIA - LENZING ensures for all the coverings of roofs the guarantee for 5 years!!!


Accepts for products the following guarantee:

  1. The guaranteed features of a product:

    The supplied products correspond to the admitted level of the applied technique and the technical sizes, given in the published papers with the data.

  2. Preconditions for the guarantee

    The guarantee period makes 5 years, beginning from the acceptance of construction. The precondition for a guarantee is the correctly technically executed packing and installation of products corresponding to the present rules, norms and instructions concerning the execution and functionality and also technique rules. It is necessary to inform immediately the firm EDAL FOLIA – LEZING or its authorized person (representative) in case of the probably revealed defects. Further - LENZING possibility for claim check directly on a place should be given firm EDAL FOLIA. Later on the firm EDAL FOLIA – LENZING should be accorded the possibility for checking the reclamation directly on the place.

  3. Guarantees

    In each case of the justified reclamation

    The firm EDAL FOLIA - LENZING gives for damage compensation the necessary material for replacement free of charge and with the free delivery to the installation place.

    The firm EDAL FOLIA - LENZING takes up the expenses on restoration of working capacity of walls and roofs on the basis of the accepted tariffs in the given place at the installation place. The responsibility is limited by the damage compensation of the building object for the protection of which the given product should serve

The reasons of not application of guarantee:

If processing was held not according to the present instructions, rules and norms and also at the unqualified use of products the guarantee doesn't operate.

At the unusual influences, especially of chemical and mechanical order or at use or processing with a deviation from the standard the guarantee also doesn't operate.

This guarantee corresponds to the present technical standard and our experience. It can't replace your own experiments with the product.


We have been cooperating for many years with the numerous leading firms working in the areas of packing, technical isolation, heating of floors and also with firms working in the area of wood processing. Means and technical possibilities of the concern EDAL FOLIA - LENZING allow to consider the specific requirements of customers and goes far away from the frameworks of standard products, with the separate delivery of the materials of high quality which are at the demand at the European market

The firm EDAL FOLIA - LENZING with almost 6000 employees is the large manufacturer at the world market, the concern known in the world! As the biggest manufacturer in the world of the viscose fibres the firm EDAL FOLIA – LENZING possesses the full combination of theoretical knowledge, practical experience and the innovative pioneer spirit, forming the basis of constant development. One of the leading enterprises of the concern is the department “EDAL FOLIA - LENZING - film". Within three decades he is engaged in manufacture and sale with the big success at the international market of insulating coverings, fabrics and tapes from artificial materials.

Constant development and tendency in achievement of the best effect provide the stable reception of the best quality. The constant exchange of experience with the clients and the international experts make guarantees that the insulating coverings of the firm EDAL FOLIA - LENZING ideally correspond to the requirements of consumers. Thanks to it the department “EDAL FOLIA - LENZING - film" is the ideal partner always there where the reliable, competent decisions, based on knowledge and solid experience, are required.


In "the black list" of products for the building industry new goods appear every day. The non-fulfillment of obligations connected with marks of the products, designated by the sign СЕ, can have the following consequences:

  • Publication of the product in the European register of the forbidden products
  • Exception of the product from the network of sales
  • Imposition of the fine approximately in 100 000 euros


Coefficient SD characterizes the diffusive properties of the layer of a building material on a certain depth and corresponds to the depth of the layer of air in this diffusive resistance. This is the parameter comparing resistance, rendered by penetration of water steams into investigated material - resistance of the membrane of a roof to water steam of the still air. Therefore a unit designating SD is the meter. The less SD, the easier steam passes through the material for which this parameter is intended.

  • aluminum film of 0,05 mm - SD> 1000,0 m
  • gipso-cardboard plate - SD = 0,18 m
  • plate from polysteren 12 sm - SD = 10,0 m
  • plate from the fibrous material of 12 sm SD = 0,20 m

As follows from this comparison, the polyethylene film with the thickness 0,2 mm with SD = 0,2 mm creates resistance to water steam in 1000 times stronger than a typical roofing membrane (with the identical depth of air SD = 0,02m). Unfortunately, the majority of the indicated parameters, characterizing vapour permeability, doesn't manage to be shifted on "vapour permeability", specified in grams on 1 m2 during time (24 hours). It arises because of the way of designation of this parameter (because of the way of research).

In the given certificates this feature of membranes is characterized by the parameter named simply "vapour permeability" which characterizes the quantity of water steam (in grams), getting through the material with the surface 1 m2 during time (24 hours). From here its designation g/m2/24 hours. Such designation arises directly because of the mode of measurement by means of the connected vessels divided by the investigated material. In the top part of a vessel the air is supplied with the certain humidity within the definite time. In the bottom part there is a table salt absorbing water steam. After research the salt is weighed and the quantity of water steam which got through the investigated material is established.

For many people it was a very clear parameter representing the quantitative pass of steam through the membranes and film. Unfortunately, this parameter possesses one very strong lack: its size depends on the conditions of research. If the parameters of investigated air (temperature, humidity and pressure), applied to the characteristic "vapour permeability" are different, the results can't be compared as the used sizes can differ even twice for the same material. For this reason the comparison of vapour permeability with its help doesn’t held as there is a big risk of error - the worst material could possess the big digital parameter than the better material in reality.

A lot of the firms, representing this parameter, meaningly overestimated vapour permeability.

17.70 mm/Hg =15г/м2/ 24 ч

1 mm/Hg=0.85 г/м2/ 24 ч

44.72 mmHg= 38 г/м2/ 24 ч

The applied technical card СЕ

With the purpose of avoidance of the possibility of manipulation of the technical parameters of products and especially vapour permeability, expressed in:/m2/24 hours (the size established at various pressure and temperatures) the Certificate СЕ enters proportional, corresponding to the European norm, designation of these properties of a product. Vapour permeability is expressed by the coefficient of vapour permeability of water steam equal to the depth of a layer of air SD. The indication goes in meters.


The acceptance of the minimum power requirements in the states of all Europe demands the development of the norms describing the methods of calculation of the power characteristic of buildings which gives the possibility of estimation of the effective power consumption. This method should consider all factors making power consumption and classify the buildings corresponding to this type, size and function: residential buildings, offices, schools etc.

The estimation of the power characteristic of a building should consider such elements as the thermal isolation, useful loading of the system of heating and climate, natural ventilation or the use of a daylight and useful application of the solar heat.

The factors making the positive effect on the power characteristic of a building, cover, among other, the passive expenses of the solar energy, power system in a building, spent for the energy source renewal, heat in the local heating systems or connected with electricity and heat development.

The definition of the power characteristic of a building demands the account of the local environmental conditions, arrangement of the building or parameters of air in it.


    We avoid unnecessary expenses and consequently our clients pay only for what they actually receive. It means that only with us you can win much!!!


    Our low prices don't influence on the quality. We work always in the way the client would be utmost satisfied.


    We accord help to our clients with advantage for them in solving of the practical problems how thanks to the quality of a product one can save means.


    Cooperating with us the client has a confidence in constant deliveries, observance of the conditions of the contract and quality of products.


    We respect time of our clients. We solve all possible affairs directly at the location of the client. Each client has its personal coordinator.


    That what we do, we do it for many years. We studied on our own errors and... somebody else’s.


It can’t be so in this world that someone can make something cheaper and worse, and then sell it. People buy such products only because of the low prices. It’s not true that the clever pays much, but what is worse to pay for the bad goods. If only you spent little money. If you pay for bad products you will lose all. Such acquired product doesn't fulfill its function. Certainly, the right of economy doesn't allow that at the sale of bad products, you marketed much. If you choose the lower price you can face with the risk of considerable expenses later on. You involuntarily make the decision that it was better to pay more. Usually the majority of the civil engineering firms is before the dilemma in such situation when it is necessary to choose the product of a high quality and its acquisition at the low price. At accommodation commissioning there comes sobering up because for bad execution such firms have to pay for the expenses for alteration and elimination of reclamations. It means that finally the customer himself pays for the cost of repair or the affair ends in the court. Thus, the profit from the low price appears to be fiction. To avoid it the control over the quality and supervision of building is carried out in the European Union.

The use of our products is a guarantee of reception of the best price at purchase or hiring of a building and considerable economy in energy payment!