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Coverings Lenzing Jacketing Plastics Roofing films edal folia - lenzing


The covering Lenzing Jacketing Plastics, executed from the unique construction in the form of aluminum and plastic layers, has a number of advantages. The new product represents the innovative decision for insulating industry.

  • The new material is easier and faster in installation, reducing time and expenses for installation works.
  • The installation works become easier, less dusty and more effective.
  • The possibility to use the limited quantity of replacement tools.
  • Properly installed material Lenzing Jacketing Plastics guarantees zero vapour permeability, protection against condensation and atmospheric precipitations.
  • The covering represents the elastic, very strong material that guarantees the absence of damages and, as consequence, fine appearance of isolated surfaces.
  • The coverings Lenzing Jacketing Plastics are highly resistant to the ultra-violet radiation, physically strong that gives the possibility to use them practically in any environmental conditions.


Lenzing Jacketing Plastics is the producer of a wide spectrum of thermoplastic and PTFE production. We are situated on the territory of the industrial enterprise Lenzing Jacketing Plastics AG, the world leader-producer of fibre cellulose.

Pipes, pipes, pipes….

Kilometers of pipe lines transporting hot cellulose, steam, hot and cold water, as well as liquid chemicals on Lenzing Jacketing Plastics AG, have been covered by isolation and properly revetted. However, every year because of the damages and leakings of coverings part of the pipe lines should be reinstalled or newly covered by isolation.

Making efforts in order to avoid corrosion and power losses, the researchers have developed the absolutely new system of coverings based on the unique construction from plastic and aluminum layers.

Covering Lenzing Jacketing Plastics is the result of research and development of production. Now we can offer the full system of covering for insulating industry which is easy in installation and possesses the obvious advantages in comparison with the previous materials similar in application.


The covering Lenzing Jacketing Plastics is the strengthened barrier for condensation of water steam. The multilayered construction consists of several layers of plastic materials with the aluminum layer inside.


The aluminum layer guarantees the effective barrier to steam, water resistance and fine appearance. Aluminum is placed in plastic layers that gives to the construction the desirable additional characteristics.

High rupture strength at stretching guarantees the excellent protection of isolation at mechanical influence. The multilayered construction has high durability and very good regenerative effect that allows to avoid the occurrence of dents and folds.


Being an elastic material, the covering restores the initial form and keeps fine appearance. Physical activity and mechanical influence don't effect on qualitative properties of the barrier in relation to steam. The top layer gives to a multilayered construction the chemical stability and also stability to the ultraviolet, prevents from the subsidence of dirt and allows to carry out easy cleaning.

These properties make the coverings Lenzing Jacketing Plastics ideal for application where the appearance of engineering constructions has also the esthetic value.


The covering Lenzing Jacketing Plastics is 100% water resistant. In case of its proper installation this new system of covering guarantees water and steam resistance. The aluminum layer prevents from steam and water penetration. The covering Lenzing Jacketing Plastics has extremely low indicators on carrying over of water steam.

The independent test laboratories continuously supervise the quality of our product for the purpose of assurance of the highest quality of the standards and the international norms.


Water and steam resistance are the most important qualitative criterions for the good system of covering. The effective barrier of infiltration of water steams guarantees optimum characteristics of isolation.

The functioning of isolation in a dry condition guarantees the ABSENCE OF CORROSION and remains an important factor for the maintenance of the demanded level of thermal losses.

The absence of condensation on the pipe, penetrations of water into isolation is the key to the effective struggle against corrosion. Our Lenzing Jacketing Plastics system prevents from corrosion on the pipes, air lines or devices covered with isolation and extends durability of all isolation.


Birds can be a serious reason of isolation damage of pipes. External pipe lines are attractive resting places for different birds. They usually damage isolation by their beaks and scratch it by their claws.

Even insignificant damage from the bird’s beak can cause water penetration into isolation contributing by this way to the reduction of the effectiveness and acceleration of the processes of corrosion.

In the urban environments pigeons are the main source of danger from the part of birds while in the coastal regions, ports the seagulls are the "offenders" of isolation. In case of insufficient solidity the birds of prey can do harm to the elastic systems of covering.

The system of coverings Lenzing Jacketing Plastics has a special protective layer which gives to a multilayered construction high solidity concerning the external influences. It ensures the necessary stability in relation to claws and sharp beaks of birds and protects the covering from similar damages.


The surface of covering Lenzing Jacketing Plastics has a high chemical firmness.

Look through the following information in the table or address for additional explanations to us:

Acetaldehyde steady Formic acid (50%) steady
Formaldehyde steady Acetic acid (any concentration.) steady
Benzyl-alcohol conditionally steady Hydrofluoride acid (10-35%) steady
Ethanol steady Phosphoric acid (30-85%) steady
Ethylene glycol steady Nitric acid (10%) steady
Chloroform conditionally steady Nitric acid (65-100 %) not steady
Ethyl acetate steady Hydrochloride acid (10%) steady
Gasoline steady Hydrochloride acid (30%) conditionally steady
Benzine (Gasoline) steady Gas of a sulfuric dioxide, residue gas (dry) steady
Toluol steady Sulfuric acid (20%) conditionally steady
Carbon steady Sulfuric acid (80%) not steady
Cyanide steady Acetone steady
Fluoride steady Ether steady
Ammonium hydroxide not steady Nitrogasoline (nitrobenzene) not steady


The durability of any plastic material of external application mainly depends on the stability of the construction to the ultra-violet radiation. Without effective ultra-violet protection the physical properties of any plastic materials are changed much faster. The colors turn pale, extension strength can become worse and the product will lose the necessary characteristics.

Covering Lenzing Jacketing Plastics has a special ultra-violet protection.

Concern "Lenzing" cooperates only with the most skilled suppliers of components for the ultraviolet stabilization. Thus, the covering Lenzing Plastics can be used for many years even in the regions with the raised solar activity - such, as, for example, Australia, Middle East and tropics.

The global radiation, that is, the sun rays reaching the earth, depends not only on the geographical latitude, but also on the average index of cloudiness and humidity.

Testing and quality control

The actual resistance to the ultraviolet of the covering Lenzing Jacketing Plastics is constantly tested with the help of equipment Weather-0-Meter. The samples are located under the simulated sunlight for the minimum of 9000 hours which is equal to 8 years of the external use on the territory with the indicator 100 kLangley/year.


The new system of covering Lenzing Jacketing Plastics is easy in installation. For carrying out of installation works it is necessary to have at the disposal only several basic tools.

The most important is a table for cutting. The assembler measures, for example, the circle of the pipe which demands the covering and cuts off a multilayered fragment of desirable length.

The covering is wrapped up round a pipe or enclosed to a boiler, to an air line, etc. and can be easily fixed on isolation by means of a special stapling machine...

... or with the help of plastic rivets. Special tools are used for punching and fixation of rivets..

For assurance of the irreproachable characteristics of the steam tightness the covering should be fixed and fastened with the help of a special glue...

For assurance of the irreproachable characteristics of the steam tightness the covering should be fixed and fastened with the help of a special glue.

For cutting of multilayered structure of the material or the sticky tape it is possible to use a simple knife.

For cutting of multilayered structure of the material or the sticky tape it is possible to use a simple knife.