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About the Company

From its formation the enterprise presents in Russia different insulating materials, technologies, insulating systems for pipe lines, containers, boilers, chimneys, ventilation channels and air-conditioning systems, isolation of heat and cold supply systems. Producers of a wide spectrum of thermoplastic and PTFE production are the leading European enterprises: Concern Lenzing Plastics GMBH & СO KG (Ausria), Company NMC ltd (UK), Company EDAL Plastics ltd, enterprise STEINBACHER IZOTERM ltd, Concern SEBALD ISO-SYSTEME & CO KG (Germany).

All these enterprises are the world leaders for production of insulating materials and systems and also of its accessories. Concern SEBALD ISO-SYSTEME & CO KG (Germany) and Concern LENZING PLASTICS GMBH & СO KG (Austria) are known the world over for more than 100 years.
The products don’t have the equal analogues in the world concerning its quality as well as its technical characteristics, represent a rather convincing and indicative example of innovative spirit, example of products of high technical level and quality, correspond to ISO 9001:2000.

Ltd. “TekhnoPlastServis” is the representative of these companies in Russia since 2008.

The Head office is situated in the city of Vologda. There are its branches in Khabarovsk, Krasnodar, Saint-Petersburg, Tcherepovets and Velikiy Ustyug. Ltd. “TekhnoPlastServis” is the member of the trading-thought chamber, the participant of many Russian and European exhibitions and forums representing its innovative materials and technologies applicable in order of heat-power savings. It was awarded several times by the diplomas for according its innovative materials and technologies. The nomenclature of materials and accessories constantly grows and improves.

Innovative power saving up materials contain optimum physical properties, absolute tightness (hermeticity), condensation obstacle, stability before climatic influences, aggressive means, ultra-violet irradiation. The material is not static, electro conductive, combustible, toxic; it is harmless at contact with food products, non-polluting and doesn’t require special recycling. The material has “the memory of the form” that is the capability to repair dents by its own means, ensures fine appearance and is ease in installation.

The simplicity of installation allows to provide fast and qualitative installation of long kilometers of pipe lines during one working day in the conditions of emergency situations. The plasticity of the material allows to isolate any surface irrespective of its geometrical forms.

The covering Lenzing Jacketing Plastics, made of the unique construction in the form of aluminum and plastic layers, has a number of advantages and is alternative to existing coverings from aluminum and the zinced steel. The guarantee on protection from the ultra-violet irradiation in the conditions of Africa is 15 years and in the conditions of the north-western latitude the material won’t lose its appeal during longer period.

The new product represents the innovative decision for insulating industry.

The technology of installation and materials provide 100 % hermetic sealing of seams and joints without dependence from complexity of constructions and geometrical forms of isolated surfaces. Reliable hermetic sealing of seams and joints not only prevents the penetration of atmospheric precipitation but also conserves thermal isolation thanks to the exception of formation of condensate (the material fulfills the function of thermos). The material is also resistant to the excited environments. In industry it is possible to use coverings for isolation of systems of gas, steam, heat and cold supply, both in internal and in external execution and also for isolation of pipe lines in the ground.

Applying our materials it is possible not only to change cardinally the design of the enterprises and existing engineering constructions, avoid power losses but also to save huge means of budgets of various level.

Our power saving up materials are durable and while carrying out of repairs, inspection of systems, reconstruction, etc. – are taken off and installed repeatedly, without breaking integrity of the insulating covering.

Reliability and efficiency of our materials is not only confirmed by exploitation and time but also has in its protection such precedents as the acceptance of their obligatory application at the legislative level in the number of European countries.

The geography of the countries where our materials have already been used is rather impressive. Here some of them: Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Romania, Turkey, Iran, Qatar, Arab Emirates, Oman, Singapore, Taiwan, etc.

In Russia: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ryazan, Naryan-Mar, Sakhalin, Samara, Mirniy, Norilsk, Obninsk, Zelenograd, Sochi and etc.

The list of enterprises where our materials have already been used is rather large. Spheres of application: from building and housing and communal services to operational blocks of hospitals and pharmaceutical factories.

We do not only deliver materials and accessories to them, but also we provide installation by forces of highly-qualified specialists, giving to the Client guarantees not only on materials, but also on installation works.


The own department of scientific researches and development and several experimental factories function in Concern "Lenzing". That gives the possibility to experts to fulfill the constant control of quality and the development of production simultaneously, to spend test processes irrespective of manufacture line.

Well-equipped laboratory can fulfill the most complicated tests in the Company economizing time and expenses. The characteristics of the product necessary for the consumer and the possibilities of its new applications can be elaborated and checked up before start in manufacture.


Lenzing Jacketing Plastics has a long-term experience in creation and drawing of a thermoplastic foil and multilayered connections. Various polymeric mixes and high-quality additives give the possibility to regulate physical properties of our covering in order to provide the system by all necessary physical properties.

The highly-professional personnel and high-quality equipment guarantee a high level of production and designing of multilayered coverings.